Trust ball

Thrust ball bearing 2

Thrust ball bearing

The former is able to accommodate axial load in one direction, while the latter is able to accommodate it in both directions. Neither is suitable for applications that involve radial load or high-speed rotation.

Angular Contact trust

Angular Contact thrust

Angular contact ball bearings are suitable for applications which require high accuracy and good  high-speed performance. This  type of bearing is designed to carry a combined load.

Trust roller

Cylindrical rollerCamera: DCS460D Serial #: 460-2524 Width: 3060 Height: 2036 Date: 11/4/01 Time: 19:40:58 DCS4XX Image FW Ver: 032597 TIFF Image Look: Portrait ---------------------- Counter: [31] ISO: 80 Aperture: F22 Shutter: 60 Lens (mm): 70 Exposure: M Program: Po Exp Comp: 0.0 Meter area: Mtrx Flash sync: Norm Drive mode: S Focus mode: M Focus area: Spot Distance: ?? thrust

Cylindrical roller bearings feature high radial load capacity because rollers and raceway are in linear  contact. these bearings are suitable for applications that involve heavy radial and impact loading.

They are also appropriate for high-speed applications in that they can be machined very accurately due to their structure.

Having a separable inner ring or outer ring, these bearings can be mounted and dismounted easily.

Tapered roller trust

Tapered roller thrust

Tapered roller bearings are designed such that outer ring, inner ring and rollers have tapered surfaces whose apexes converge at a common point  on the bearing axis. Along with metric series bearings, inch series bearings are also available. This type of bearing is suitable for applications that involve heavy or impact loading.

thrust-spherical-roller bearing

Spherical Thrust Roller Bearings

Spherical thrust roller bearings are designed to carry high axial loads. They can also support radial load if magnitude is no more than 55% of the axial load being carried. These bearings are not suitable for high-speed rotation. Having a spherical housing washer raceway surface, these bearings are self-aligning and capable of adjusting to axial inclination. They are usually used with oil lubrication