Who we are…

JBC (Jordan Bearing city) is the Exclusive agent for KOYO Bearings in Jordan, established as a family business,trading special equipment:  Bearings, Seals, Rings, Belts, Lubricating either special or regular, Oils and Grease. Our company has founded in 1998. We are the first in this market, Our main aim was to assist the Jordanian industrial sector by providing them with very high quality bearings with the cheapest prices. With our very hard working and very well organized team work we lead the Jordanian market in the last few years, our leadership to the market came from our reliability, courage and intrepidity.

In the last few years Jordan Bearing city expanded rabidly in the Jordanian market depending on our well staffed team work having or big show rooms and five spacious extensible stores, expanding rabidly in a very rabid growing energetic market, proceeding foreword with courage and intrepidity, reclining upon a well educated, skilled and experienced technical and administrative teamwork, who are fully acquainted with the Jordanian market. Along with, we have a great number of reliable customers and wholesales, along with our pioneer services to our different customers where we was the first company who launch the Free Delivery Services in our sectors and also we was the first company available 24 hours in order to serve our customers, which lead us to be a unique company in the market.

Furthermore, we possess the required abilities, by which we could occupied the most strong competitive position came from our very good financial abilities, high quality, good services and effective marketing strategies. Our business is proceeding according to the most novel managerial system’s directed by clear strategies and accurate objectives. In the last few years Jordan Bearing City established new sections beside the Bearing section like the Oil Seal , Belts section, Oil and Grease Lubricant section, and finally the Automotive Engines Spare Parts. The aim from the new sections was to assist and afford our customers with all their needs under one roof with the same quality they expect from us.

For more interacting with our customers, Jordan Bearings City provided technical seminars about bearings   and lubricants to increase and assist the understanding of our customers in this field, as well to show the influence of bearing and lubricant on each other and the second aim is to minimize the financial loss due to miss using and/or wrong  using due to shortage in know-how.


Nabil Dai's

Why choose us

ٍOur products have best quality with less prices, Giving you a huge choices of brands of different countries Japan, Germany, Sweden. Such as KOYO, SKF, FAG, Timken, Giving a good range counting lifetime and cost, with all temperature and loading.

Our products are eco-friendly, energy saving and recyclable.