Besides driving innovation, today’s automotive industry is aiming at an improvement of engine efficiency, cleaner exhaust and optimized transmission technology. The great challenge for a car manufacturer is to sustain the car performance while reducing its environmental impact.

At JTEKT we understand the needs and unprecedented developments which the automotive industry is facing nowadays. By using our know-how and technology in this field we can offer a complete line of products which support an improved vehicle performance, improved safety & comfort, increase of fuel efficiency, and reduction of CO2 emission.

Experience and capabilities

JTEKT is a leading supplier to the automotive original equipment manufacturers and replacement markets. Our bearings can be found in applications such as wheels, engines, transmissions and many others.

JTEKT’s knowledge and experience in valve train components results in superior products that optimize mass, stiffness, moment of inertia and noise. These design features meets up with the demands of an increase in engine operating speeds, an improved fuel economy and a better performance.

Moreover, JTEKT offers unique anti-friction solutions for camshaft, balancer shaft and crankshaft applications. They enable significant friction reduction, especially at low engine speed and in cold start condition, generating significant gains in terms of CO2 emissions.

Phenolic resin idler pulleys:

  • Using a special phenol resin which is more durable compared to conventional nylon based material.
  • Contributing to a weight and cost reduction.

Heat resistance bearings for alternators:

  • Enhanced flaking resistance countermeasure technology under vibrating conditions and very high temperatures (180 degrees Celsius)
  • Superior heat-proof performance by the use of special raceway material, retainers, seals and heat treatment.

Ceramic ball bearings for turbochargers:

  • Rolling bearings with ceramic balls are contributing to an improved turbocharger performance

Low-friction roller follower for rocker arms:

  • Reduced friction by the adjustment in contact with the surface.

Split type needle roller and cage assemblies for big ends of motorcycle connecting rods:

  • Suitable for severe lubrication conditions e.g. in two-cycle engines etc.
  • Contributing to a reduction of output loss.

Sealed bearings for motorcycle high-pressure applications:

  • Suitable for high temperature and pressure inside crankshaft cases.

Needle roller bearings:

  • Roller finger follower assemblies
  • Roller rocker arm assemblies
  • Lifter roller
  • Injector needles and components
  • Drawn cup needle bearings for balancer shafts and camshafts
  • Solid race needle bearings or cylindrical roller bearings for balancer shafts
  • Fractured rings and half cages for crankshafts

JTEKT offers bearings and components which are strictly dedicated to steering column systems, as well as a large variety of products for steering gears. At JTEKT we have the technical know-how to develop innovative designs for the most demanding steering applications, taking into account their specific safety and NVH requirements.

Needle roller bearings

  • Zero clearance radial ball bearings
  • Zero clearance drawn cup bearings
  • Universal joint drawn cup bearings
  • Full complement drawn cup bearings
  • Angular contact ball bearing (RCO and TBP)
  • Thrust bearings AX (for Tilt)
  • Dowel and lock pins for hydraulic steering valve
  • Drawn cup needle bearings for steering pinion support
  • Cage & roller assemblies for steering torque sensor

Hub driveshaft modules:

  • Combination of hub unit and CVJ technology enables this lighter-weight module.

Hub units

  • Generation 1, 2 and 3 with speed sensing encoder with or without sensor.
  • Hub unit with extreme low friction oil seal that contributes to reduce CO2 emissions.
  • Lightweight while maintaining strength and rigidity.

JTEKT is a leading supplier of bearings for drivetrain components. Our heavy wall drawn cup bearings is an industry standard for performance and reliability in semi-float axle applications. With a history of JTEKT’s superior engineering, in-house testing and field experience, vehicle drivetrain engineers can rely on our products to meet up with their design demands.

Tapered roller bearing unit:

  • High efficiency & low friction design contributing to CO2 emission reduction.

Needle roller and cage assemblies for high-rotation speed planetary gears:

  • Contribute to AT unit multi-staging and compactness through handling carrier high-speed rotation.

Low friction needle roller and cage thrust assemblies:

  • Reduce rotational torque up to 60% by optimizing contact system between rollers and retainers.

Long life bearing series:

  • Series of high-performance bearings using special heat treatment and materials.
  • Extended bearing life in severe operating conditions.

Drawn cup needle roller bearings for propeller shaft:

  • Drawn cup bearings suitable for cross joints of propeller shafts and drive shafts.
  • Superior lubrication performance from machining radiation grooves in the bottom of cups.

Needle roller bearings:

  • Heavy wall drawn cup bearings
  • Caged drawn cup bearings
  • Needle rollers,
  • Bearing thrust washers
  • Full complement drawn cup bearings

JTEKT has developed a large array of innovative bearing designs for automatic transmissions, which helps to reduce friction, increase power ratings, minimize assembly time and reduce costs. Analytical evaluations, in-house testing and new material developments allow JTEKT to solve the most demanding automotive design problems.

Needle roller bearings

  • Planet thrust washers
  • Needle rollers for planet gears
  • Caged drawn cup bearings
  • Drawn raceway sleeves
  • Bearing thrust washers
  • Unitized thrust bearing assemblies
  • Inverted drawn cup bearings
  • Pump vanes for transmission pumps
  • Park rods

JTEKT offers a wide range of reliable bearings specially designed for manual transmissions. These bearings allow engineers to minimize cross sections while attaining peak load-carrying capability in a very cost-effective way. JTEKT has considerable experience with providing in-depth engineering analyses and creative design solutions for the most demanding transmission applications.

Needle roller bearings

  • Radial needle roller and cage assemblies (split polymer type)
  • Drawn cup needle bearings
  • Linear drawn cup ball bearings
  • Thrust needle roller and cage assemblies
  • Solid race needle roller bearings
  • Drawn cup cylindrical roller bearings
  • Needle rollers

For automotive accessories applications such as air conditioning compressors, break systems, starters, suspensions, etc. JTEKT developed tough, compact, lightweight and innovative products by using the most advanced technology.

Needle roller bearings:

  • Thrust needle roller and cage assemblies
  • Lipped bearing thrust washers
  • Drawn cup alternator bearings
  • Caged drawn cup bearings
  • Needle roller bearings for heavy-duty applications
  • Drawn raceway sleeves


  • Bearings for sliding doors:
  • Commonly used in sliding doors of RVs, etc. to enable smooth opening and closing.